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Our Team

Our team will find the best solutions for you

Here on this page we would like to introduce you to the therapists and coaches who practice in the institute and the organizational team.

Each of them brings unique skills and experiences,

to ensure you receive the best possible care.

From kinesiology and body therapy experts to emotional wellbeing and personal development experts

- our team is diverse and sensitive.

Our team looks forward to accompanying you on your way and helping you to feel good on all levels of body, mind and soul. 

Our therapists and coaches

Marc Lallemand


Marc`s therapy focuses are: - People struggling with their emotional states: anxiety, anger, fear, sadness. - the relief or elimination of physical pain such as back pain, headaches, muscle tension - Helping professional and amateur tennis players (and some from other sports) to better manage their emotions on and off the court to recover faster after injury and improve their performance. He works in the following languages: English, Spanish, French


Gloria Kraft

Functional Nutrition Practitioners and

Biohacking expert

Gloria's areas of focus are: - Therapeutic foods, bioavailable supplements and innovative biohacks to successfully reduce stress and weight - the maximization of physical performance - the increase of vital energy - Mental strength, physical optimisation, increase of vitality and biophotonic nourishment. Gloria speaks German and English.

Susanne Willfors.heic

Suzanne Willfors

Cognitive Behavioural Therapist

Susanne's areas of focus are: 1.Stress and burnout. Learn how to have a sustainable life and find the balance between on and of. Also practice with new ways to charge your battery. 2.Depression. Find ways to find joy and happiness in life again and claim back a life filled with life. Maybe new ways of living will fill you with more joy. 3.Anxiety and fobia. Challenge in your own pace the fears and worries and gain back your life. Exposure and successes will be the new path. 4.Couple therapy. Problems are not solved by moving abroad, and maybe new problems arise. Together you find new tools that in most cases help you to find back to each other 5. Lifestyle changes . Overweight, insomnia or alcoholism are examples of areas where CBT is efficient. We work with focus on the longterm consequences and find everyday tools to gain back a healthier lifestyle. Susanne is fluent in English and Swedish.

Andrea Pöhl-Jensen-72dpi_edited.png

Andrea Pöhl- Jensen

Hypnotherapist & Coach

Andrea's main areas of therapy are: - Cause-oriented hypnotherapy (hypnoanalysis) - a very direct and dissolving form of hypnosis - many psychological blockages and illnesses (such as fears and phobias, a depression, a burnout, pain, eating disorders, chronic illnesses, migraines and autoimmune diseases and many more) can be successfully and sustainably treated and dissolved within a few sessions (1-5 treatments). Andrea Pöhl-Jensen has made the experience that with the help of hypnosis in psychotherapy, sustainable success is often possible even when patients have tried other methods before or are even considered to be out of treatment. Through professional coaching, if necessary also in combination with hypnotherapy, blockages and behavioural patterns that hold you back can be overcome so that your full potential can unfold. Possible topics can be: loss, separation, clarifying inner and outer conflicts, making decisions, illness, professional issues and many more. Andrea works in German and English as the patients' mother tongue.


Adriana Lichtenstein

Mindset Coach,

EFT Tapping & Yin Yoga Expert

Adriana's therapy focuses are: - Femininity Coaching: Discover your inner strength and blossom as a woman. Release birth traumas and other blocks that limit your femininity in partnership, sexuality and relationship with yourself. - Stress prevention and resilience: Learn to cope with stress and strengthen yourself mentally so that you can face future challenges with more ease. - Yin Yoga: Experience yoga not only as a form of relaxation, but also as a natural rejuvenation by increasing flexibility, reducing stress and increasing hydration in your cells. Adriana works in English and German.


Maria Lujan Arias


Osteopath D.O. Member of the Registro de osteópatas de España ROE Nº783 Luján`s therapy focuses are: - Myofascial and Estructural osteopathy - Visceral osteopathy - Cranial osteopathy - Integrative functional Osteopathy - Equine Osteopathy Luján works in Spanish, English and French.

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Maria Bianca Pavel

NLP & Cuantic Therapist

Bianca`s areas of focus are: NLP Coaching and LNT - La Nueva Terpaia- Cuantic Therapy Life is what you make of it and NLP & LNT have the tools to help you create something amazing! Want to perform better at work and climb the ladder of success? NLP & LNT will help! Do you want to create better relationships and become fulfilled as a person? NLP & LNT will help! Do you want to achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of? NLP & LNT will help! With NLP & LNT you can: -Boost your communication skills - Improve Behavioral Issues - Get rid of stress & anxiety - Learn Emotion Management - Boost your self-confidence - Start your own Personal Development Process - Get rid of phobias & addiction - Boost your physical health - Boost your emotional health - Free your sexual energy and money flow - Relieve symptoms of the (peri-)menopause - Get in contact with your Essence, your own Vital Force that keeps you alive - experience that you are more then a physical body and get in contact with your True Nature Bianca is fluent in English and Spanish.

Heike Steinke.jpeg

Heike Steinke

Mentor for modern lifestyle

Heike`s specialities are: - Detox and gut health - stress balance - Smoking cessation Heike works in German and English.

Sarah Teichmüller.jpeg

Sarah Teichmuller

Psychological Counselor &

Consciousness Coach

Sarah`s therapy focuses are: - Anxiety, Sadness, Stress, Grief, Separation, Life- Changes - Interpersonal relationships - Parent- Child Relationships - Guidance after toxic relationships - Personal Growth Sarah works in English and German.

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Victor Heinz


Viktor's areas of focus are: - Manual therapy - FOI (Functional Osteopathy and Integration) - pain therapy

Klaus Raidl.jpeg

Klaus Raidl

Reiki Master

Klaus' main focuses are: - Deep relaxation - stress reduction - Mental strength

0C2A2878-Photo by Kersti Niglas.jpg

Nicole Vida

Nutrition coach (WILDFIT) and expert in healthy lifestyle design

Nicole's focal points are: - Building a conscious and healthy relationship with food - Weight reduction without starvation and calorie counting Resetting the metabolism (metabolic flexibility) - Learning to cook simple and healthy dishes - Long-term behavioural changes - Stress reduction through breathing exercises Nicole works in German and English.

Our organization team

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Adriana Lichtenstein

Main Responsible

Mallorca Institute of Holistic Health and Wellbeing


Sina Schmidt

Executive Assistant


Nadine Dorner


Our partners

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