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The holistic 6 week detox program

Medical check

- Before the actual detox begins, you will be checked at the German Specialist Center

- For a clear before and after comparison, we will create an avatar for you using the 3D body scan

Gentle exercise & Relaxation training

- Yoga and Pilates units in groups promote the detoxification processes within you

- Various meditations and breathing techniques help you relax more easily in everyday life

Intestinal cleansing

- Whether you want to experience a detox through fasting or through a targeted diet, our experts are available to help you with both options

- Enjoy all-round care for 6 weeks that will help you.lovingly accompanied and answered all your questions about nutrition

Wellness treatments

- Physiotherapy and osteopathy units complement your physical detoxification

- Gain more again through these treatmentsFlexibility and relaxation

Mental support

- Whenever you feel like something needs to be said during the 6 weeks, our therapists and coaches are there for you

- Feel free to take the opportunity to get one or two topics off your chest

Energy booster

- No matter whether you want to support the detoxification processes within you or relax, our experts in energetic therapies will show you how to do it

Do you still have questions?

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